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International Axe Throwing Federation

Valhalla North Axe Throwing is a proud member of the International Axe Throwing Federation, or IATF. This means we follow their rules & guidelines in our league play.

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Join us and other axe throwing enthusiasts to compete in weekly competition, against players of all abilities, to lift the season trophy!

We are an IATF affiliated venue, running leagues 5 nights a week;
-  Monday Standard league  ( 6-9pm)

- Tuesday Premier league (6-9pm)
- Wednesday women's only leagues (6-9pm)
- Sunday Junior league (ages 12-17) (4-6pm)
-Sunday Under 65 Average League  (6-9pm)
-*NEW for 2023* Beer League (6-9pm) Day TBC
(Beer league is a casual league that is
made up of a variety of tournaments, Not a drinking league)
Valhalla North is also home to Europe's only IATF Grandslam tournament. 
Check out all the information on the UK OPEN here.

Click here to view our upcoming leagues and book your place !
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IATF leagues are made up of 7 weeks of competition followed by a final week of playoffs. Each player will play 28 games in the league to try and secure themselves a place in the playoffs and a chance to lift the trophy.

Standard/Women's and Premier leagues are for those aged 14+.


Junior leagues will be for those aged

11 - 16.


(Players must register in advance)


Registration with any league comes with access to the IATF AxeScores App, which will allow you to track your scores, progress and position in the world standings.


Once you take part in any of our leagues, you will be first to hear about any future leagues or tournaments taking place and get first dibs on a place.


You will get time to throw and warm up prior to league for practice, as well as at least 4 games per week.


You will become part of an amazing community of likeminded people and have tonnes of fun!


We welcome everyone from all abilities/experience levels, we just ask that you have been to at least one axe throwing session, we can explain the IATF rules before you start but these are something you need to be aware of. 


It is preferred that you bring your own axe (that must fit within the IATF specs) but if you don't have one, we can provide one to borrow for the duration of the league.


(We stock a wide range of competition throwing axes and when the time is right for you, we'll even help find the right axe for you... the wand chooses the wizard Harry!)


Don't worry if you can't make every single week. You can have 2 authorised absences during the 7 week league. As long as we know in advance, we can re-schedule your games to another week.


This goes for late starts and early finishes too, if you need to arrive late or leave early, let us know and we can arrange your games to be earlier or later.


If you don't let us know, you will be marked as absent and your games will be forfeited (lost).


The only thing we can't reschedule is playoffs! If you want a place in playoffs you must be able to make the scheduled week 8 date.


- A chance to lift the title belt!

- Your name on the Champions Wall


- Bragging rights


- Your next league free.


- and on some special occasions... CASH PRIZES!

- Top 4 Standard and Top 8 Premier places will qualify into Round 1 of the International Axe Throwing Championships (Adult leagues only and must have completed 3 leagues in same season)

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