As some of you may remember, we talked about installing a bar from day one...  but because we were such a new business and axe throwing was still very much an unknown commodity, It was suggested by the police and the council that we play guinea pig and wait until we saw how things settled in! Which we were happy to do of course!

Since November 2019 we've had multiple conversations with both authorities and started the application process in September 2020 (even with all the chaos) but we put the brakes on when the government closed licensed venues as we didn't want to fall into that category and be closed unnecessarily! 

We have had the bar taps installed, teasing people since October 2020 just waiting to be plumbed in!

So why the history lesson?

Well... the time has come! Provided everything goes to plan with the governments road map we will have beer, lager, cider AND MEAD on offer in the VERY near future!

We are working with local company Caps off (check them out on our affiliates page) to have our bar fully installed and we're even getting our own beer... We're thinking 'Valhallale' but other name suggestions on a postcard are more than welcome!